Education & Presentation

Alex offers simple, effective demonstrations, and/or hands-on workshops via his customized series of class structures. Half-day or Full-day programs are available and will be specifically developed based on the time frame, education and budget needs of your salon.

During the demonstration, Alex will use diagrams and cut models or mannequins using easy to follow techniques starting with classic salon friendly shapes, to salon creative and avant-garde.


Assistant Program

Establishing an Assistant Training Program allows for quality control and staff development within the salon. Alex will customize a program to suit your goals and existing structure.


Education & Presentation

Simplify technique through easy to understand demonstrations and hands-on workshops. Shape, Balance and Weight Distribution are key factors to developing a structural pathway for ones work.

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Stylist Education-Workshop

Continued education within the salon maintains quality, and prepares the stylist, for a teacher position, if desired, while strengthening their abilities, resulting in higher client retention and increased retail sales.



From simple salon-friendly looks to complex, avant-garde shapes and textures, Alex will customize an education program that fits your desired results.


Photo Marketing

Alex will help identify goals, and assist the conceptualization of photo imagery specific to the needs of your salon for product.


Business & Culture

Alex's more than 25 years in the salon industry help guide you through the challenges of Business and Culture Development, two key assets in maintaining and growing your company.