ALEX IOANNOU (you-ah-noo)

Alex's impressive career path is one of personal and professional adventure ultimately garnering him the title of one of the Top 50 Hairstylists. Beginning in London, England, after completing the City & Guilds Diploma followed by the rigorous Vidal Sassoon Assistant Training Program, he worked for the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Salons, both at the Knightsbridge and South Moulton Street locations, developing a busy clientele and building relationships with London fashion and press photographers. Along with a friendly demeanor, Alex's natural ability to connect and communicate with other stylists, he was often called into the Sassoon School and Academy to demonstrate and teach classes to students from across the globe. 

Selected as the obvious choice for the American market, Alex was asked to relocate to the United States, moving to Chicago in 1986. At warp speed he ascended rank to Artistic Director leading an award-winning team at the Vidal Sassoon Salon, then located in the exclusive Water Tower Place on the Magnificent Mile, establishing Chicago as one of the premier salons in the global Sassoon empire. His professional momentum continued when Alex accepted recruitment as National Director of Education for a renowned nationwide company and their 40-plus salon chain.

In 1992, just 6 years after arriving on American soil, Alex's desire was realized when TRIO first opened it's doors. “What a happening place! We were so busy we had to turn away Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, it was a crazy time!” remembers Alex. During a twenty-five year growth, TRIO Salon opened up two more locations and quadrupled its size in staff. Now the sole owner of TRIO and with one location, Alex has made the choice to focus on his family and the other love of his career, Education. His experience and lessons learned, allow for a full understanding of the struggles and joys in developing, maintaining and growing a business culture and team.

Having presented his knowledge and expertise on a large scale across the country for numerous product companies, Alex has had “an abundance of opportunity to share.” However, he prefers a more intimate setting for education, motivation and team development. “Being on stage in front of hundreds of people can be great, but so much valuable information can be lost in that type of format,” explains Alex. “Working with a smaller group allows for an exchange of ideas, promoting growth from within, benefiting the entire group as well as the individual.”

His demonstrations are about technique, shape, balance, team building, business development and product sales; they teach the Stylist to sell themselves. “Client growth and retention through skill and technical understanding allows for confidence in sales and self-promotion.” Alex will help develop the individual into a Master Stylist with an ownership mentality. “I could be the best employee in the world,” reflects Alex. “My experience as an owner provides a vision of what and how successful a Stylist should be.”